Four Nations, One Vision


Grades Taught



Grace Marie Swampy Primary School is an elementary school located on Samson Reserve in Maskwacis, Alberta. It was officially opened September 28, 1993. The “Pink School,” as it is commonly referred to in the community, includes a K4 preschool program (4 yr olds) and kindergarten (5 yr olds), as well as grades one and two.


The “Pink School,” realizing that your children’s success as learners rests on their ability to read and write well. We have incorporated 100 minutes of uninterrupted literacy instruction. 100 minutes of literacy is based upon current research and best teaching practices. It incorporates all reading and writing approaches, realizing students need to use multiple strategies to become proficient readers and writers.


We are committed to helping each child become self-aware as nêhiyawak, while teaching them skills of miyo pimatisiwin and knowledge that will foster their global citizenship.


We will provide each kiskinwahamawâkan with many positive ways to learn about nêhiyaw language and culture, literacy and numeracy through educational methodology as well as a land-based approach.